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Wedding Services

Thank you so much for considering Do or Dye Salon & Spa Team for your wedding day beauty needs.  We would be honored to be part of your special day, assisting you in looking and feeling like the best version of yourself! Whether you would like to come to the salon for a pampering experience or our team take care of you and your party on-site for hair and/or make-up, we can make either option an enjoyable, fun and relaxing experience. Between dress fittings, cake tastings, coordinating flowers and centerpieces we tend to forget about all the little things leading up to the big day.  We have taken the time to compile all of what we believe are essential in making you look and feel your best on your wedding day, a day you will cherish for a lifetime. We designed a recommended 6-month timeline of pre-wedding treatments that we believe will help in reducing stress and anxiety during this busy time. We are happy to provide these services to the bride, groom, attendants, parents, grandparents and any other attendees that you may wish to include in your special day and days leading up. We look forward to being part of your wedding and the weeks leading up to the "big day" by helping plan and coordinate the wedding day and any pre-wedding services. 


~Do or Dye Salon & Spa Team

Let's Work Together

Securing Appointment Date

Your appointment date(s) and service(s) will be secured when the signed contract and all deposits have been received. All bookings for weddings are made on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. No dates will be guaranteed without a signed contract and deposits. 



All reservations for parties up to 3 people must reserve and guaranteed $150.00 deposit. Parties of 4-7 must be reserved and guaranteed with a $250.00 deposit. Parties with 8 or more must be reserved with a $400.00 deposit. Deposits will be used towards final balance. Your day will be secured upon the receipt of your signed contract and deposit.



Remaining balance is due 2 days before the day of service(s). Prices are subject to change as attendants needs change or in the event of an upgraded or added service. If changes occur, it must be in writing and added to the contract agreement with both party’s signature. There is a 10% service charge that will be added to your total services, this covers all scheduling of the DOD Glam Squad and coordinating our portion of the event to assure that our part leading up to the event runs as smoothly & timely as possible.

*Gratuity is not included in the service prices or service charge.


Contract/Appointment Changes

All agreements will be made in writing. The “Bridal Agreement and Terms” with the “Bridal Contract” must be returned to Do or Dye Salon & Spa with your deposit. The event coordinator with the DOD Glam Squad will email you a copy of the date, service(s) and times for any service(s) booked to confirm that everything is correct. Any changes or additions to wedding party service(s) after the contract is signed must be submitted by email to: . Any adjustments made will require the contract to be revised and signed by both parties. The start time may be affected by the addition or subtraction of bridal party attendants.

 Adding/Subtracting Bridal Party Attendants
1. You may add up to 2 additional wedding party attendants 4 weeks prior to the wedding if time allows.
2. After 4 weeks if there is a request for additional attendants to be added there will be a $50.00 fee to support the need for an additional time and management to accommodate the request.
3. You may subtract attendants up to 30 Days prior to the reserved wedding date at no charge.
4. Please know that If subtraction of attendants is after the 30 Days prior to the reserved wedding date, you will be responsible for 50% of all services cancelled.
5. If subtraction of wedding attendants is after 2 weeks prior to wedding, you will be responsible for 75% of all services cancelled.
6. If subtraction of people is less then 2 weeks prior to wedding you will be responsible for 100% of services cancelled.



There is an on-location fee of $75.00 per 20 miles. For out of town weddings, a hotel room must be provided at or near the venue. If a flight is needed, flight expenses will be included in the cost of the deposit. 



In the event that the bride cancels the entire wedding party of all services thirty (30) days or more prior to the date of the wedding the bride will be refunded the entire deposit amount. If the bride cancels the entire wedding party of all services between 30-14 days prior to the wedding the bride will be responsible for 50% of all services agreed upon. If the bride cancels the entire wedding party of all services after 14 days prior to the wedding the bride is responsible for the entire cost of the cancelled services agreed upon. Cancellations due to emergencies are considered on a case-to-case basis and will be handled at the discretion of the DOD Glam Squad Coordinator.


Late Arrivals/No-Shows

If the wedding party is more than fifteen (15) minutes late the party will be charged an additional $15.00 late fee for each guest serviced. Tardiness results in scheduling and service conflicts for you and others following your appointment(s). If a wedding party attendant is late for the scheduled service appointment time(s) and notifies us of a new arrival time, the Squad member will then decide whether the time permitted will allow them to accommodate the tardiness of the attendant. The tardiness of the attendant may affect the desired look and may be reduced in order to stay on schedule with the remaining attendants. If the scope of the original contract cannot be fulfilled due to the bride and/or attendants’ tardiness, services may be reduced; however the bride will be responsible for the original contracted amount. 


**If the wedding party is more than thirty (30) minutes late without contacting us, the assumption is that the client is a no-show. This results in the client forfeiting ALL deposits and payments of all services scheduled. 
In the event that something in the above stated agreement happens to your dislike we apologize for any inconvenience or frustration that it may cause. We must however follow this policy out of respect for our company, fellow DOD Glam Squad members and other clients.


~Do or Dye Glam Squad

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